IRS Voice Bots Get New Options

The Internal Revenue Service started using voice bots on many of its toll-free telephone lines around the first of the year. The system has already helped more than 3 million taxpayers avoid wait times for simple questions about payments or notices, and the agency is adding more options.

Callers can set up or modify payment plans on the Automated Collection System (ACS) and Accounts Management toll-free lines. The system will even help create a personal identification number using information from a taxpayer’s most recent IRS bill and some additional personal information.

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Will the IRS add more voice bots in the future?

IRS voice bots use artificial intelligence software to route callers to the information they need based on voice responses. Initially designed to answer simple questions, the IRS plans to continue adding voice-bot features that will help callers avoid extended wait times—even during tax season.

Voice bots aren’t just being used to collect payments. They have already been deployed on the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) and Advance Child Tax Credit toll-free lines to answer frequently asked questions. And the IRS says planned upgrades will provide taxpayers with active PINs access to a number of newly automated services:

  • Account and return transcripts
  • Payment history
  • Current balance owed

While voice bots can quickly provide information for taxpayers, the agency says live phone representatives will still be available for English and Spanish speakers.

More information about self-service options is available on

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